At TP Remapping we specialize in custom remaps & no two map files will ever be the same.

We use original Kess V2 & Ktag hardware along with AutoTuner.

We are fully insured & qualified writers and installers.

Why chose us over other mapping companies?

Recently there has been a flood of copy tools all over the internet, these tools sell for a fraction of the price compared to the original tools and so the build quality and software isn't the best. This in turn could end up costing you a fortune if things were to go wrong. A bricked ECU would be one example, which could result in a complete ECU kit needing to be changed. In modern day cars they can cost upwards of £1000+

A lot of copy tools have no back up if things were to go wrong, which is where we are different. We can back track our steps and have technical support. If the mapper is using cheap copy tools its likely they cant afford quality maps which again could end up costing you.

Do I get a warranty with my remap?

Yes, of course you do! If our map file ever corrupts or your ECU is flashed for whatever reason e.g. a manufacturer update, we will reinstall the file free of charge for as long as you own the vehicle.